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Oliver Levasseur
Mother:Marie Anne Jensse Born:1695-11-05
Father:Oliver Levasseur Died:1730-07-07

Olivier Levasseur was a French pirate during the Golden age of piracy. He is also refered to as La Buse (The Buzzard), La Bouche (The Mouth), Lepouse, La Buze, De Vasseur, Louis Le Bous, Loues Lebous, Labous.


Calais, France
Oliver Levasseur was born 148
Santo Domingo
Levasseur was in Santa Domingue 151
1716-06-15 ca.
Isla Piñeros
Brett and Norman was taken prisoner of pirates 74
1716-07-15 ca.
The Elizabeth was taken by pirates 107
The sloop Elizabeth, commanded by Richard Caverley, was taken by Bellamy and Levasseur. Caverley and three of his men were forced to join the pirates, who also took some water casks, provisions, and liquors.
The ship St Michael was taken by pirates 44 74 74
About nine leagues to the leeward of the island of Blanco, the ship St. Michael was taken. James Williams master, of Bristol, bound for Jamaica with provisions. Thomas Davis, the carpenter, was forced to join the pirates. " Decemb. fol­lowing the said Ship was taken by two Pirate Sloops, one commanded by Capt. Sam Bellamy, & the other by Loues Lebous, about Twenty Leagues off Sabria..." "...and on or about the sixteenth day of December following We met two Pyrate Sloops, One Commanded by Capt Samuel Bellame, and the other by Monsr. Louis Le Bou[s], who took the said ship about twenty Leagues off of Sabia and Carried us to the Island of Blanco..."  
Bellamy Cay
Bellamy came to Blanco 74
1717-03-15 ca.
The Tanner was taken by pirates 74
1718-01-01 ca.
Amity was taken by the pirate La Buse 1292
Tagrin Bay, Sierra Leone
Snelgrave was attacked by pirates 27
At the Sierra Leone River, Snelgrave met three pirate ships who had taken ten English ships.
Ouidah, Benin
Three pirate ships came to Whydah 1300
Ouidah, Benin
Three pirate ships left Whydah 1300
"On the 24th of June sailed from Widdaw three Pirates:
Oliver LaBous In the Conrade, 130 men, 40 guns
Jeremiah Cocklin In the Bird, 110 men, 36 guns
Richard Taylor in the Heroine, 80 men, 40 guns" Richard Blincko
1719-08-01 ca.
Ouidah, Benin
La Buse and England met at Whydah harbor 1
La Buse encounters England near Whydah harbor.
Cape Lopez
Le Solide was captured by pirates 151
1720-02-01 ca.
Guinea coast
The Heroine was taken by pirates 130
1720-03-01 ca.
Oliver Levasseur captures the Indian Queen 109
On the passage to the Indian Ocean, La Buse captures the Indian Queen (English) which is laden with slaves. La Buse takes the Indian Queen and gives the captain the Courade. Seven men from the crew are forced to join with the pirates.
1720-03-02 ca.
Cape Town
Levasseur rounded the Cape Unreferenced
1720-07-10 ca.
The Indian Queen was wrecked on Mayotte 109
1721-04-15 ca.
Pirates attack Fort Lagoa 39
Pirates attack Fort Lagoa.
Saint Denis, Reunion
Nossa Senhora do Cabo was taken by pirates 88
La Buse (Le Victorieux, 36 guns, 200 men) and Seagar (Fancy, 38 guns, 280 men) takes the Nossa Senhora do Cabo at Saint Denis, Bourbon.
Duchess de Noailles was captured by pirates 10
Duchess de Noailles was captured and burned by La Buse and Taylor, while she was waiting for the king who had gone to war to get more slaves. The date is indicated by La Butte on board the Duchess de Noailles.
The pirates left Bombetoke 39 40
The pirates left Bombetoke. The Dutch settlers were marooned. 22 men were left on Madagascar. Among these were the skipper Martin Kleinhengst, the helmsman, Bucqoy, two carpenters and seamen, Norwegian, and Danish. There was also a boy called Jacob van der Leiden
Saint Denis, Reunion
Oliver Levasseur died 81
La Buse was hanged at Saint Denis on Reunion
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