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Charles Vane
Mother: Born:1680-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1721-03-29

Pirate. Disliked due to his cruelty, Vane showed little respect for the pirate code, cheating his crew out of their shares in the takings.


1680-07-01 ca.
Charles Vane was born WP
1718-05-01 ca.
Vane attacked Charlston 1
HMS Rose encoutered Vane 9
As the HMS Rose came into Nassau harbour, Charles Vane set a French ship on fire and escaped. He with about 90 men fled away in a sloop wearing the black flag, and fir'd guns of defiance 
1718-08-15 ca.
Vane took the Neptune and the Emperour 9 1096
Vane took two ships coming out of Carolina one of 400 and the other of 200 tons loaded wth. rice, pitch and tarr and skins bound for London the Neptune Capt. King being the largest he sunk and the Emperour Capt. Arnold Gowers he left without doing her any damage except taking away their provisions.
1718-09-01 ca.
Green Turtle Cay
Vane was at Green Turtle Cay 9 1096
Vaine who had then wth. him two ships and a brigantine, his sloop that he escaped hence in being run away with by another set of new pirates.
1718-10-01 ca.
Vane sent a letter to Rogers 9
This Vaine had the impudence to send me word that he design's to burn my guardship and visit me very soon to return the affront, I gave him on my arrival in sending two sloops after him instead of answering the letter he sent me. He expects soon to joyne Majr. Bonnet or some other pirate, and then I am to be attack'd by them.
Vane took the Endeavour 142
The Endeavour met a pirate brigantine of twelve guns commanded by Charles Vane.
Vane attacked a French man of war 142
Betwen Cape Meise and Cape Nicholas.
Rackam broke up with Vane 1
1718-12-15 ca.
Bay of Honduras
Vane attacked the Pearl 142
Port Royal
Charles Vane died WP
Vane was arrested and brought to Port Royal where he was eventually tried and hanged in March 1721.
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