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Woodes Rogers
Mother: Born:1679-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1732-07-15

An English sea captain and privateer and, later, the first Royal Governor of the Bahamas.


1679-07-01 ca.
Woodes Rogers was born 96
1700-01-01 ca.
Rogers was commanding the Duke and Dutchess 1
Captain Rogers, late commander of the two Bristol ships, called the Duke and Dutchess, that took the rich Acapulca ship.
1705-07-01 ca.
Sarah and Woodes Rogers were married 96
The Duke and the Duchess left England 96
1711-07-01 ca.
Cape Town
Rogers came to Cape Town 96
1714-03-15 ca.
The Delica came to Madagascar 13
1714-05-15 ca.
Cape Town
Delica came to Cape Town 13
Woodes Rogers left a letter in Cape Town addressed to Queen Anne with an application of amnesty for the pirates on Madagascar.
Woodes Rogers came to Nassau 9
A French ship (that was taken by the pirates of 22 guns) was burning in the harbour. It was set on fire by Charles Vane.
Rogers met three men who had seen Vane 9
Whiteny left Nassau 9
1718-09-10 ca.
Hornigold left Nassau to hunt Vain 9
Rogers got a sloop fitted under the command of Capt. Hornygold to send and search for Vain's crew and bring an accot. what they were.
1718-10-01 ca.
Hornigold returned to Nassau 9
In about three weeks having lain most of that time concealed and viewing of Vaine the Pirate in order to surprize him or some of his men that they expected would be near them in their boats, but tho they failed in this Capt. Hornygold brought wth. him a sloop of this place
1718-10-01 ca.
Vane sent a letter to Rogers 9
This Vaine had the impudence to send me word that he design's to burn my guardship and visit me very soon to return the affront, I gave him on my arrival in sending two sloops after him instead of answering the letter he sent me. He expects soon to joyne Majr. Bonnet or some other pirate, and then I am to be attack'd by them.
Woodes Rogers died WP
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