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Edward Low
Mother: Born:1690-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1724-07-01 ca.

Pirate also known as Ned Low. He was known for his vicious tortures, his methods were described as having "done credit to the ingenuity of the Spanish Inquisition in its darkest days"

Aka: Edward Lowe, Edward Loe


1690-07-01 ca.
Edward Low was born WP
1714-07-01 ca.
Edward Low married Eliza Marble 57
Their first child died shortly after birth, but their second daughter survived while Eliza died at childbirth.
1721-12-15 ca.
Grand Cayman
Low and Lowther were at Cayman Islands 78
Edward Low and George Lowther join forces as pirate crew near Cayman Islands
1721-12-20 ca.
Grand Cayman
Low came to the Cayman islands 57
At the Cayman Islands Edward Low met George Lowther.
Coast of Maryland
The Rebecca was attacked by Low 57
Block Island
Low took three ships the same day 57
1722-09-15 ca.
Boa Vist
Low took the Sycamore Galley 134
1722-10-10 ca.
Boa Vist
Scott was taken by pirates 67
Scott's ship was taken by pirates and burned at Bona Vist.
Cape Verde
Roberts was taken by pirates 67 67
Roberts was taken by Russel in a scooner. Later on Low came by with the Rose pink.
Cape Verde
Roberts was discharged by the pirates 67
Cape Verde
Roberts left the pirates 67
1723-01-15 ca.
Low took a ship near Bonaire 61
1723-01-15 ca.
Low took a ship 134
Low captured two New York ships 57
Low's crew captured two trading vessels from New York as they were within sight of their destination, the island of Curacao. One of them was a snow called Unity.
1723-03-01 ca.
Low met the Mermaid 57
The pirates were about 9 degrees north latitude, somewhere between Cartegna, Columbia and the norhtenmost tip of the coasline of Panama when they spotted two ships, one was the Mermaid.
Bay of Honduras
Low and Lowther took a sloop 134
"on the tenth of March last he was in the bay of Hondoras on board of a sloop Jeremiah Clark master Low and Lowder's companies being pirates took the aforesaid sloop..."
Cape San Antonio
Low took the ship Amsterdam Merchant 61 134
The sloops Fortune and Ranger chased the Amsterdam Merchant. The Ranger, commanded by Low, hoisted a blue flag and orderd Welland to come aboard. The pirates took three barrels of beef of the value of seven pounds, some quantities of gold and silver of the value of one hundred and fifty pounds, one negro man slave named Dick of the value of fifty pounds. They also cut off Welland's right ear before sinking the ship, of the value of one thousand pounds.
Low took three ships 1
Greyhound attack site
Low attacked the Greyhound 61
On or about the tenth day of June last, about fourteen leagues to the southward of the east end of Long-Island, by force and arms upon the high sea within the Jurisdiction of the Admiralty aforesaid in a hostile manner did felloniously and piratically attack His Majesty's Ship the Grey-Hound, Capt. Peter Solgard commander, and wounded seven of his men.
1723-07-25 ca.
Low took the Merry Christmas 1
The latter end of July, (1723,) Low took a large ship, called the Merry Christmas, and fitted her for a pyrate, cut several ports in her, and mounted her with 34 Guns. Low goes aboard of this Ship, assumes the title of admiral, and hoists a black flag, with the figure of death in red, at the main-topmast.
1724-07-01 ca.
Edward Low died WP
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