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William Kidd
Mother:Bessie Kidd Born:1645-01-22 ca.
Father:John Kyd Died:1701-05-23

Although modern historians dispute the legitimacy of his trial and execution, the rumor of Captain Kidd's buried treasure has served only to build a legend around the man as a great pirate. His property was claimed by the crown and given to the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, by Queen Anne.


1645-01-22 ca.
William Kidd was born WP
1689-01-01 ca.
The mutiny of The Blessed William 130
The captain of the Blessed William was left on shoar. William Mason, who was a part owner was elected commander.
1690-07-01 ca.
New York
The Blessed William came to New York 130
New York
Kidd married Sarah Bradley Cox Oort 74
William Kidd was asked to attack pirates WP
Bellomont, asked the "trusty and well beloved Captain Kidd" to attack Thomas Tew, John Ireland, Thomas Wake, William Maze, and all others who associated themselves with pirates, along with any enemy French ships.
Kidd received a letter of marque 74
1696-04-15 ca.
The Adventure Galley left England 74
Kidd sailed from England in April, 1696, in the Adventure Galley, 287 tons, 34 guns, 70 men.
1696-05-01 ca.
New York
The Adventure Galley arrived in New Yotk 74
New York
The Adventure Galley left New York 74
1696-10-15 ca.
The Adventure Galley came to Madeira 74
1696-11-15 ca.
Boa Vist
The Adventure Galley came to Bona Vista 74
1696-11-20 ca.
The Adventure Galley came to St Jago 74
1696-12-01 ca.
The Adventure Galley met with three men of war 74
from St. Jago wee steered our course for Cape Bona Esperanza, but before wee got to the latitude thereof wee met with three English men of war and a fireship, Captain Warren in the Windsor comodore, Captain Acton in the Advice, the Tyger and fire ship I do not know the commanders names.
1698-04-15 ca.
Nosy Boraha
Kidd came to St Marie 96
1700-03-15 ca.
New England
HMS Advice left New England 1284
1700-04-16 ca.
HMS Advice came to England 1284
William Kidd died 74
He was was hanged at Execution Dock.
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