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Edward England
Mother: Born:1688-01-01 ca.
Father: Died:Date unknown

Edward England was an Irish pirate during the Golden age of piracy. Some claim that his real name was Edward Seagar, but this is probably a mix up witha different person.

In some documents he is called Edwards.


1688-01-01 ca.
Edward England was born Unreferenced
Edward England was born on Ireland.
The ship Christiania was attacked 9
Edward England had a brigantine (and a sloop) with 12 guns, 90 men, attacked the Christiana (captain Jonathan Bull) off Barbados.
1717-12-05 ca.
Attack of a sloop beloning to Col. Lesley 9
England took a sloop belonging to Col. Lesley of Barbados, which they sank.
1717-12-05 ca.
England captured two ships 9
England took a slave vessel from Guinea and another ship from Maderia.
1717-12-18 ca.
England captured a brigantine 9
England took a brigantine belonging to Piscataqua.
1717-12-28 ca.
England took a Martinico sloop 9
England took a sloop belonging to Martinico.
1718-01-01 ca.
England took the Cadogan 1
1718-02-15 ca.
Scottish Bay, Hispaniola
England attacked the ship Postillion 9
Edward England attacked the French pirate ship Postillion at Scots Bay at N end of Hispaniola.
1718-02-15 ca.
Latitude 23, Caribbean
England took the snow Eagle 9
At latitude 23, England took the snow Eagle, captain Robert Leonard. England beat the captain with his cutlass. The quarter-master was Alexander Ure.
1718-02-15 ca.
England had a ship with 26 guns 9
England had a ship with 26 guns and 4 swivel guns, 130 white men and 50 Spaniards, black and Indians. They set course for Barbados and then to the Coast of Guinea.
1718-02-24 ca.
Declaration of John Bois of the Wade 9
John Bois of the Wade (frigate) was taken by a French pirate ship, the Mary Anne. The consort of the Postillon took a French pink, which they fitted out and then sank the Mary Anne in Samana Bay. They then plundered Spanish ships and ships from New England, Bermudas and Jamacia, but got plundered by an English pirate ship. The pirates had 130 white men and 50 Spaniards, black or Indians. The ship had 26 guns, 4 swivel guns and was commanded by Edward England. They went on to Barbadios and then to Guinea and Brazil.
1719-02-01 ca.
England captures the Pearl 1
England captures the Pearl, captain Tyzard, and renamed her Royal James
1719-05-01 ca.
England captures the Peterborough 1
England captures the Peterborough Galley of Bristol, captain Owen, which he keeps for his own.
1719-05-02 ca.
England captures Victory 1
England captures Victory, captain Ridout.
Kunta Kinteh Island
The Sarah was siezed by pirates 130
1719-06-01 ca.
Kunta Kinteh Island
The Mercury was taken by pirates 130
1719-06-15 ca.
Kunta Kinteh Island
England took a snow 130
Kunta Kinteh Island
England captures the Coward 1 130
England captures the Coward, captain Creed of London. The ship had 2 guns and 13 men, of which 4 turned pirates. The ship was burnt.
1719-08-01 ca.
Ouidah, Benin
La Buse and England met at Whydah harbor 1
La Buse encounters England near Whydah harbor.
1719-10-15 ca.
Ouidah, Benin
England attacks the Nantes EIC 10
England attacks the Nantes EIC at Whydah
1719-11-01 ca.
The Peterborough is renamed Victory 1
The Peterborough is refitted and renamed the Victory
The Calabar Merchant was attacked 11
England plundered The Calabar Merchant. They let th ship go without any further harm. (Records from EIC)
Cape Town
Attack of a Dutch ship 11
Englands crew attacked a Dutch ship near Cape Town, which reported reported that 'The Pyratt ship could not hav had less than 250 men aboard.' (Records from the EIC)
1720-04-01 ca.
Saint Augustin Bay
England stopped at St Augustin's Bay 12
England stopped at St Augstin’s bay. Several of the men were sick and the doctor believed they needed to go ashore to recover, but many died.
1720-05-01 ca.
England went to Massembeach 12
England went to the Portuguese port Massembeach on the Ethiopian coast.
The battle with Cassandra 1
Mackra discovered two pirate ships entering the bay at 8 in the morning. One had 34 guns and the other 30 gun.
Cassandra was defeated 19
Mcrae made major damage to the Fancy, but was eventually defeated and fled into the jungle. The Cassandra lost 37 men, the pirates 90 or 100. After the battle the pirates had about 100 white men and 80 black on both ships.
Left Anjouan 1
Left Anjouan with the Cassandra
1720-10-01 ca.
England took a Moors ship 11 12
At Bab-el-Mandeb (at the mouth of the Rea Sea) they took a rich Moors ship. Some of the women aboard had important fathers under the Great Mogul. They sank the Moor’s ship.
Fort Geriha
Brown spotted the Cassandra and Victory 18
A little before noon four strange sails were seen in the offing, which, before long, were made out to be the Madagascar pirates, with the Cassandra, Victory, and two prizes they had just taken. The sight of them struck Brown with terror. He directed his whole squadron to anchor off Gheriah.
Brown's squadron accidently ran into the priates 18
On both sides there was no willingness to fight. The pirates were at first seized with consternation at discovering their mistake; they had turned their prizes adrift after throwing their sails overboard, and, with only three hundred men for their joint crews, forty of them negroes, were not strong enough to engage the Bombay squadron. But England was a man who preferred fighting to running, so putting a bold face on the matter, the Cassandra ran through the fleet, firing into the Victory, the Chandos, and the Phram. The Chandos, which was towing the Phram, at once cast it loose.
Phram was destructed 18
The Phram was burnt, not to get into the hands of the pirates.
The Elizabeth was taken by pirates 18
1720-12-01 ca.
The Laccadive Islands was invaded by pirates 20
Richard Lasinby (one of Mackra’s men), was forced on to England’s ship, he witnessed how the pirates tortured a Moorish man and how the pirates sailed to the Laccadive Islands, where they invaded the village and set fired to houses and churches.
1721-04-15 ca.
Lasinby was released 18 21
Lasinby was released (“after seven months as prisoner”). He was put ashore on Bourbon
Date unknown
Edward England died. Unreferenced
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