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John Matthews
Mother: Born:1690-01-01 ca.
Father: Died:Date unknown

Matthews was a forced man in La Buse's crew.


1690-01-01 ca.
John Matthews was born 130
1719-07-01 ca.
The Heroine left London 130
1720-02-01 ca.
Guinea coast
The Heroine was taken by pirates 130
1720-03-01 ca.
Oliver Levasseur captures the Indian Queen 109
On the passage to the Indian Ocean, La Buse captures the Indian Queen (English) which is laden with slaves. La Buse takes the Indian Queen and gives the captain the Courade. Seven men from the crew are forced to join with the pirates.
1720-07-10 ca.
The Indian Queen was wrecked on Mayotte 109
Date unknown
John Matthews died Unreferenced
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