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Stede Bonnet
Mother: Born:1688-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1718-12-10

Nicknamed The Gentleman Pirate, Bonnet was born into a wealthy family before turning to piracy. Also known as Edwards and captain Thomas.


1688-07-01 ca.
Stede Bonnet was born WP
The Monserrat Merchant encountered pirates WP 9
Thos. Knight of the Monserrat Merchant reported that they met two pirate ships and a sloop. The captain of the pirates name is Kentish and captain Edwards (alias for Stede Bonnet accoring to Wikipedia) belonging to the sloop, and they report the ship has 150 men on board and 22 guns mounted, the sloop about 50 white men, and eight guns.
1718-03-15 ca.
Blackbeard met with Bonnet 1
Blackbeard met with Bonnet, who commanded a 10 gun pirate sloop, and they sailed together. But a few days after, Teach, finding that Bonnet knew nothing of a maritime life, put in another captain, one Richards, to command Bonnet’s Sloop.
1718-06-01 ca.
Topsail inlet
Stede Bonnet came to Topsail inlet 1
Bonnet found the men that Blackbeard marooned close to Topsail inlet.
Delaware Bay
Bonnet took a sloop 1
The last day of July, they took another sloop of 60 tons, commanded by Peter Manwaring, bound from Antegoa to Philadelphia, which they likewise kept with all the cargo, consisting chiefly of rum, molosses, sugar, cotton, indigo, and about 25 pound in money, valued in all to 500 pound.
1718-08-15 ca.
Cape Fear River
Bonnet came to Cape Fear 1
The last day of july, our rovers with the Vessels last taken, left Delaware Bay, and sailed to Cape Fear River, where they staid too long for their safety, for the pyrate sloop which they now new named the Royal James, proved very leaky, so that they were obliged to remain here almost two Months, to refit and repair their vessel.
1718-10-01 ca.
Cape Fear River
Stede Bonnet was captured 9
At Cape Fear River, Rhett found a sloop of 8 gunns and 50 men, commanded by a Majr. Stede Bonett, and two prizes, sloops belonging to New England. After some hours of fighting, the pirates surrendered.
Sullivan's Island
Bonnet was recaptured on Sullivan's Island. WP
Bonnet escaped on 24 October, but was recaptured on Sullivan's Island.
The trial of Stede Bonnet WP 41
Stede Bonnet died WP
Bonnet was hanged in Charleston on 10 December 1718.
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