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Edward Blackbeard Teach
Mother: Born:1680-01-01 ca.
Father: Died:1718-11-22

Edward Teach or Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies. Although little is known about his early life, he was probably born in Bristol, England. Recent genealogical research indicates his family moved to Jamaica where Edward Thatch, Jr. is listed as being a mariner in the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Windsor in 1706.


1680-01-01 ca.
Edward Teach was born 1
Edward Teach was born in Bristol
1716-12-15 ca.
Hornigold made Blackbeard commander of a sloop 1
Hornigold made Blackbeard commander of a sloop.
1717-03-15 ca.
Blackbeard and Hornigold left Providence 1
In the spring of the year 1717, Teach and Hornigold sailed from Providence, for the Main of America.
1717-03-16 ca.
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a Havana ship 1
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a billop from Havana with 120 barrels of flower.
1717-03-16 ca.
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a sloop 1
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a sloop from Bermuda, Thurbar master, from whom they took some gallons of wine, and then let him go.
1717-03-16 ca.
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a ship from Madera 1
Blackbeard and Hornigold took a ship from Madera to South-Carolina, out of which they got plunder to a considerable value.
1717-03-17 ca.
The coast of Virginia
Blackbeard and Hornigold cleaned their ships 1
Blackbeard and Hornigold cleaned their ships on the Coast of Virginia.
1717-11-15 ca.
Blackbeard left Bequia 42
Blackbeard left Bequia in late November.
100 miles west off Martinique
Blackbeard and Hornigold took La Concorde 1 42 151
Blackbeard and Hornigold in the latitude of 24, they made prize of a large French Guiney Man, bound to Martinico, which by Hornigold’s consent, Teach went aboard of as captain and named her the Queen Ann’s Revenge. 100 miles from Martinique, the French ship encountered Blackbeard and his company. According to Lieutenant Ernaut, the pirates were aboard two sloops, one with 120 men and twelve cannon, and the other with thirty men and eight cannon. The 28th of November 60 leugas off Martinque, 14 degrees 27 minutes north, two english pirate ships approched La Concorde. They were 250 men and 12 canons, and commanded by Edward Titche.
The Monserrat Merchant encountered pirates WP 9
Thos. Knight of the Monserrat Merchant reported that they met two pirate ships and a sloop. The captain of the pirates name is Kentish and captain Edwards (alias for Stede Bonnet accoring to Wikipedia) belonging to the sloop, and they report the ship has 150 men on board and 22 guns mounted, the sloop about 50 white men, and eight guns.
The pirates took La Concorde to Bequia 42 151
The pirates took La Concorde to the island of Bequia in the Grenadines where the French crew and the enslaved Africans were put ashore.
1717-12-01 ca.
Blackbeard gave Dosset a sloop 42
Blackbeard and his crew decided to keep La Concorde and left the French the smaller of the two pirate sloops. The French gave their new and much smaller vessel the appropriate name Mauvaise Rencontre (Bad Encounter).
Blackbeard burnt a ship 9
The pirates said they had burnt several vessels, among them two or three belonging to these Islands, particularly the day before a sloop belonging to Antego, one Robert McGill owner.
St Vincent
Blackbeard took the Great Allen 1 38 151
Cruising near the Island of St. Vincent, Blackbeard took a large ship, called the Great Allen, Christopher Taylor commander. The pyrates plundered her of what they though fit, put all the men ashore upon the island above mentioned, and then set fire to the ship. 
St Vincent
Blackbeard took a boat beloning to Sieu Simon 151
On the 4th of this month, Olivier being wet at St Vincent to make firewood, a pirate boat and his canoe armed with ten men attacked him at a loop of the island called Mayougany...
Blackbeard took the Margaret 9
1717 on 5th Dec, off Crab Island, Henry Bostock, master of the sloop Margaret of St. Christophers met a large ship and a sloop. He was ordered on board and Capt. Tach took his cargo of cattle and hogs, his arms books and instruments.
Robert Bibby voluntarily joined Blackbeards crew 9
The Great Allen was destructed 151 151
The ship was burnt by Blackbeard.
Unknown was destructed 151
The ship was burnt by Blackbeard.
Blackbeard left St Vincent 151
1717-12-10 ca.
Puerto Rico
Blackbeard arrived at Puerto Rico 42
By early December Blackbeard arrived at the eastern end of Puerto Rico.
1718-03-01 ca.
The Scarborogh engaged the Queen Ann’s Revenge 1
The Scarborogh man of war, of 30 Guns, engaged Blackbeards the Queen Ann’s Revenge for some hours, but finding the pyrate well manned, and having tried her strength, gave over the engagement, and returned to Barbadoes.
1718-03-15 ca.
Blackbeard met with Bonnet 1
Blackbeard met with Bonnet, who commanded a 10 gun pirate sloop, and they sailed together. But a few days after, Teach, finding that Bonnet knew nothing of a maritime life, put in another captain, one Richards, to command Bonnet’s Sloop.
1718-04-01 ca.
Turneffe Atoll
Blackbeard took the Adventure 1
At Turniff, ten leagues short of the Bay of Honduras, the pirates took in fresh water; and while they were at an anchor there, they saw a sloop coming in, whereupon, Richards in the sloop called the Revenge, slipped his cable, and run out to meet her; who upon seeing the black flag hoisted, struck his sail and came to, under the stern of Teach the Commadore. She was called the Adventure, from Jamaica, David Harriot master. They took him and his men aboard the great ship, and sent a number of other hands with Israel Hands, master of Teach’s Ship, to man the sloop for the pyratical account.
Turneffe Atoll
Blackbeard left Turniff 1
The 9th of April, they weighed from Turniff, having lain there about a week.
Bay of Honduras
Blackbeard took the Protestant Cæsar 1
Blackbeard sailed to the Bay of Honduras where they found a ship and four sloops, three of the latter belonged to Jonathan Bernard, of Jamaica, and the other to captain James; the ship was of Boston, called the Protestant Cæsar, captain Wyar Commander. Teach hoisted his black colours, and fired a gun, upon which captain Wyar and all his men, left their ship, and got ashore in their boat. Teach’s quarter-master, and eight of his crew, took possession of Wyar’s ship, and Richards secured all the sloops, one of which they burnt out of spight to the owner; the Protestant Cæsar they also burnt, after they had plundered her, because she belonged to Boston, where some men had been hanged for pyracy; and the three sloops belonging to Bernard they let go. 
1718-05-01 ca.
Blackbeard came to Turkill 1
1718-05-01 ca.
Grand Cayman
Blackbeard came to Grand Cayman 1
At the Grand Caimanes Blackbeard took a small turtler.
1718-05-01 ca.
Blackbeard came to Havana 1
1718-05-15 ca.
The Bahamas
Blackbeard went to the Bahama wrecks 1
1718-05-15 ca.
Blackbeard took several ships at Charlston 1
Blackbeard sailed to Carolina, taking a brigantine and two sloops in their way, where they lay off the bar of Charles-Town for five or six days. They took here a ship as she was coming out, bound for London, commanded by Robert Clark, with some Passengers on board for England; the next day they took another vessel coming out of Charles-Town, and also two pinks coming into Charles-Town; likewise a brigantine with 14 negroes aboard; all which being done in the face of the town.
1718-05-15 ca.
Blackbeard demanded medicine 1
Teach detained all the ships and prisoners, and, being in want of medicines, resolves to demand a chest from the government of the Province; accordingly Richards, the captain of the Revenge sloop, with two or three more pyrates, were sent up along with Mr. Marks, one of the prisoners, whom they had taken in Clark’s ship.
Topsail inlet
Blackbeard grounded at Topsail inlet 1 42 43
From the bar of Charles-Town, they sailed to North-Carolina; Captain Teach in the ship, which they called the man of war, captain Richards and captain Hands in the sloops, which they termed privateers, and another sloop serving them as a tender. Running into Topsail Inlet to clean, he grounded his ship, and then ordered Hands’s sloop to come to his assistance. The sloop ran on Shore near the other, and so were both lost. Teach goes into the tender sloop, with forty hands, and leaves the Revenge there; then takes seventeen others and marroons them upon a small sandy island, about a league from the main. They were later taken off by major Bonnet two days after.
1718-06-15 ca.
Blackbeard recieves pardon 1
Teach goes up to the governor Charles Eden, of North-Carolina, with about twenty of his men, surrender to his Majesty’s proclamation, and receive certificates thereof.
1718-06-15 ca.
Blackbeard married a 16 year old girl 1
1718-06-15 ca.
Blackbeard took two or three English vessels 1
In June 1718, Blackbeard went to Sea, upon another expedition, and steered his course towards Bermudas; he met with two or three English vessels in his way, but robbed them only of provisions, stores and other necessaries, for his present expence.
1718-06-16 ca.
Blackbeard took two French ships 1
Near Bermudas Blackbeard took two French ships, one of them was loaden with sugar and cocoa, and the other light, both bound to Martinico; the ship that had no lading he let go, and putting all the men of the loaded ship aboard her, he brought home the other with her cargo to North-Carolina, where the governor and the pyrates shared the plunder.
1718-07-01 ca.
Blackbeard came back to North Carolina 1
When Teach and his prize arrived, he and four of his crew went to his Excellency, and made affidavit, that they found the French ship at sea, without a soul on board her; and then a court was called, and the ship condemned: the governor had sixty hogsheads of sugar for his dividend, and one Mr. Knight, who was his secretary, and collector for the Province, twenty, and the rest was shared among the other pyrates.
Maynard found Blackbeard at Okerecock Inlet 1
Edward Teach died 1 1096
Blackbeard was killed at Ocracoke. Maynard attacked Blackbeard's ship. After a fight Maynard finally defeated Blackbeard.
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