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Samuel Bellamy
Mother: Born:1689-02-23
Father: Died:1717-04-26

Pirate captain, later known as Black Sam Bellamy. He was an English pirate who operated in the early 18th century. Though his known career as a pirate captain lasted little more than a year, he and his crew captured at least 53 ships under his command – making him the wealthiest pirate in recorded history – before his death at age 28. Called Black Sam in Cape Cod folklore because he eschewed the fashionable powdered wig in favor of tying back his long black hair with a simple band, Bellamy became known for his mercy and generosity toward those he captured on his raids. This reputation earned him another nickname, the Prince of Pirates. He likened himself to Robin Hood, with his crew calling themselves Robin Hood's Men.

Also reffered to as Samuel Bellame.


Hittisleigh, England
Samuel Bellamy was born WP WP
1716-06-15 ca.
Isla Piñeros
Brett and Norman was taken prisoner of pirates 74
1716-07-15 ca.
The Elizabeth was taken by pirates 107
The sloop Elizabeth, commanded by Richard Caverley, was taken by Bellamy and Levasseur. Caverley and three of his men were forced to join the pirates, who also took some water casks, provisions, and liquors.
1716-07-15 ca.
Thomas Fox was taken by pirates 143
1716-10-01 ca.
John Cornelius' vessel was take by pirates 74
1716-11-15 ca.
The Sultana was taken by Bellamy 44 74
1716-12-19 ca.
Bellamy took the St Michael 74
The ship St Michael was taken by pirates 44 74 74
About nine leagues to the leeward of the island of Blanco, the ship St. Michael was taken. James Williams master, of Bristol, bound for Jamaica with provisions. Thomas Davis, the carpenter, was forced to join the pirates. " Decemb. fol­lowing the said Ship was taken by two Pirate Sloops, one commanded by Capt. Sam Bellamy, & the other by Loues Lebous, about Twenty Leagues off Sabria..." "...and on or about the sixteenth day of December following We met two Pyrate Sloops, One Commanded by Capt Samuel Bellame, and the other by Monsr. Louis Le Bou[s], who took the said ship about twenty Leagues off of Sabia and Carried us to the Island of Blanco..."  
Bellamy Cay
Bellamy came to Blanco 74
1717-01-01 ca.
Peter Hoff tried to escape Bellamy's crew 13
Peter Hoff a Swede, one of the forced men, tried to escape from Bellamy's crew, but was captured and whipped.
1717-03-15 ca.
The Tanner was taken by pirates 74
1717-04-01 ca.
Bellamy took the Whydah 1096
The Whydah was commanded by captain Prince
Cape Cod
The sloop Fisher met the Wedaw 74
The Mary Anne was taken by the Whydah 74 74
"... they sailed from Nantasket harbour bound for New York, and on the twenty sixth day of the said month, being friday, in the morning about nine of the clock, they discovered a large Ship, and her Prize, which was a Snow..."  
Whydah wreck site, Cape Cod
The Whydah ran ashoar 74 74
"...we run ashoar opposite to Sluts bush at the back of Stage harbour to the southward of Cape Codd..."
Whydah wreck site, Cape Cod
Samuel Bellamy died WP
Samuel Bellamy was killed when the ship Whydah sank in a storm off Cape Cod.
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