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James Skyrme
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:1722-03-15 ca.

Skyrme (Occasionally Skyrm) was a Welsh pirate best known for Captaining two of Bartholomew Roberts’ prize ships. One of 32 guns.


Date unknown
James Skyrme was born WP
1721-07-01 ca.
Roberts took the Onslow 1164
in 1721, Roberts crossed over to the African coast, where, amongst other prizes, he took a large ship, the Onslow, belonging to the Royal Africa Company. To this ship he turned over, named her the Royal Fortune, mounted forty guns in her.
1722-02-15 ca.
Ogle took the Ranger 1096
In February 1722 Captain Chaloner Ogle of HMS Swallow baited Roberts into attacking his 50-gun warship. Mistaking it for a fleeing merchantman, Roberts sent Skyrme in Ranger to capture it. Once Ranger was alone, Ogle sprung his trap and opened fire on the pirates. After a short battle Ranger was heavily damaged, a number of pirates had been killed, and Skyrme's leg was sheared off by cannon fire.
1722-03-15 ca.
Cabo Corso
James Skyrme died WP
Skyrme was hanged at Cape Coast Castle in March 1722.
1722-03-15 ca.
Cabo Corso
52 pirates were hanged at Cape Corso 1164
202 prisoners from Robert's crew were taken, 52 were hanged, and 77 were acquitted on trial.
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