The Revenge
Constructed:Date unknown
Destructed:Date unknown

A pirate ship commanded by Gow. A former trading vessel of 200 tons commanded by the french captain Oliver Ferneau. Her first name was Caroline and later George.


Date unknown
Caroline was constructed Unreferenced
1724-08-15 ca.
Gow joined the Caroline as second mate and gunner 106
1724-09-15 ca.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The Caroline/George came to Santa Cruz 96
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The Caroline/George left Santa Cruz 96
The Caroline/George was taken in a mutiny 96
At ten at night, Gow and his gang started fire guns. Most of the officers were at sleep, but captain Freneau was on deck. He was seized by Winter, Melvin and Rollson. One of them stabbed the captain in his throat, and Gow shot him twice with his pistols before pushing him into the sea. Gow took command of the vessel and Williams became lieutenant. They changed the name to The Revenge.
The Delight was captured by Gow 96
The Delight was taken by Gow. It came from Newfoundland with salted fish for Cadiz. The provision, sails, cables, chains and anchors were taken. Captain Wise and four men wew set adrift in the boat. A fifteen year old boy, William Oliver, was pressed into the service of the pirates as cabin boy.
John Gow attacked the ship Sarah 96
John Gow in the ship The Revenge, attacked the Scotch snow Sarah. John Menzies and Alexander Robb joined Gow's crew. The ship was loaded with salted fish for Genoa.
1724-11-27 ca.
Porto Santo
The Revenge came to Porto Santo 96
Gow put into Porto Santo under English colors and asked the governor to take on water and wood. The governor was taken hostage until the delivery, but was later dismissed with presents and a salute.
1724-12-20 ca.
Cape St. Vincent
The Bachelor was taken by Gow 96
Gow's crew took the american sloop Bachelor. It was laden with with timber. Gow pressed some of the men to join the crew. The prisoners of the Sarah was released and went aboard the Bachelor, with the exception of the cabin boy, William Oliver.
Gow took the French vessel Louis-Joseph 96
Louis-Joseph was a French vessel laden with oil and wine. Captain Somerville and captain Cross and the remaining prisoners were sent off with her. They got some of the cargo and some of the beeswax from the Revenge's cargo hold.
1724-12-30 ca.
Cape Finisterre
Gow put Williams in iron 96
After an argue about taking a large ship, Williams went for the powder room to blow it up. But he was stopped and put with the other prisoners.
1725-01-01 ca.
Gow took the Triumvirate 96
Triumvirate of Bristol, captain Davis, was laden with salt fish. Gow took her longboot and some articles of silver. The prisoners (including Williams) were transferred to her. Gow pressed Thomas Courland and James Stammers from the Triumvirate into his crew.
1725-01-15 ca.
The Revenge came to Stromness 96
Gow changed the Revenge's name back to George as a disguise and said that they were bound for Stockholm from Cadiz, but had to put in due to the weather.
1725-01-25 ca.
Watt met Gow in Stromness 96
Watt recognized The Revenge (then named Caroline, now George) from seeing her in Amsterdam and also recognized Macauley and Jamieson who had been his apprentices but ran away in Amsterdam. He demanded them back, but Gow refused. There was at this time 28 men in Gow's crew. Jamieson said that eleven of these wanted to get away.
1725-02-09 ca.
Read exaped from Gow's crew 96
1725-02-12 ca.
The Calf of Eday
The Revenge grounded at Eday Calf 96
The Calf of Eday
The Revenge drove ashore 96
The forced carpenter Murphy cut the cable and the ship drove ahore on the Calf.
Date unknown
Caroline was destructed Unreferenced
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