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Richard Lasinby
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Also spelt Lasinby was an officer at the ship Cassandra. He got captured by pirates on the Anjouan and was brought as a forced man.


Date unknown
Richard Lasinby was born Unreferenced
The battle with Cassandra 1
Mackra discovered two pirate ships entering the bay at 8 in the morning. One had 34 guns and the other 30 gun.
Cassandra was defeated 19
Mcrae made major damage to the Fancy, but was eventually defeated and fled into the jungle. The Cassandra lost 37 men, the pirates 90 or 100. After the battle the pirates had about 100 white men and 80 black on both ships.
1720-10-01 ca.
England took a Moors ship 11 12
At Bab-el-Mandeb (at the mouth of the Rea Sea) they took a rich Moors ship. Some of the women aboard had important fathers under the Great Mogul. They sank the Moor’s ship.
1720-12-01 ca.
The Laccadive Islands was invaded by pirates 20
Richard Lasinby (one of Mackra’s men), was forced on to England’s ship, he witnessed how the pirates tortured a Moorish man and how the pirates sailed to the Laccadive Islands, where they invaded the village and set fired to houses and churches.
1721-04-15 ca.
Lasinby was released 18 21
Lasinby was released (“after seven months as prisoner”). He was put ashore on Bourbon
Date unknown
Richard Lasinby died Unreferenced
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