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David Evans
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Mariner forced into the crew of Every.


Date unknown
David Evans was born Unreferenced
1694-07-15 ca.
São Tomé
Every attacked three English ships 130
Every attcked the James and Thomas, the Rebecca and a pink belonging to London.
1695-04-01 ca.
Cape Town
Fancy rounded the Cape Unreferenced
1695-07-01 ca.
Every met with Ferrar and Want 130
Cape St John
The Gunsway was attacked by pirates 69 69 69 130
The ship called the Gunsway with her tackle, apparel and furniture, to the value of 1000 l. and of goods to the value of 110 l. together with 100000 pieces of eight, and 100000 chequins, upon the High Seas, ten Leagues from the Cape St. Johns near Surat in the East-Indies. The Gunswaybelonged to the Great Mogul. The pirates saild in the ship the Charles the seconcd.
1696-01-01 ca.
Cape Town
Fancy rounded the Cape Unreferenced
1696-03-20 ca.
New Providence
The Fancy came to New Providence 130
1696-12-01 ca.
The Pennsylvainia Merchant left Pennsylvania 130
1697-01-01 ca.
Evans was siezed by captain Tuckey 130
Evans was tried in court 130
Date unknown
David Evans died Unreferenced
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