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Robert Richee
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Pirate in Every's crew. Aka Richey.


Date unknown
Robert Richee was born Unreferenced
A Coruña
The mutiny of the ship Charles the Second 69 69 130 130
After not getting paid, the crew mutinied and turned the Charles the Second into a pirate and renamed her Fancy, commanded by Avery. For the ship in which this piracy was committed, was an English vessel, called The Charles the Second, belonging to several merchants of this city, designed for other ends, and a far different voyage, which by these criminals, with the assistance of one Every, their captain, in all these villanies, was seized near the Groyn in Spain, in May 1564. from which place, having first by force, set captain Gibson the commander, on shoar, they carried off the ship. The pirates came in the James galley.
1696-06-15 ca.
The Isacc came to Westport WP 130
Date unknown
Robert Richee died Unreferenced
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