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Pirate in Every's crew


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1696-03-17 ca.
Every sent a letter to Trott WP 130
Four of Every's men took a small boat to Nassau, the island's largest city and capital, with a letter addressed to the island's governor, Sir Nicholas Trott. The letter explained that the men's warship of forty-six guns, the Fancy, had just returned from the coast of Africa, and the ship's crew of 113 self-identified interlopers (unlicensed slavers) now needed some shore time. In return for letting the Fancy enter the harbor and for keeping the men's violation of the East India Company's slaving monopoly a secret, the crew would pay Trott a combined total of £860. Their captain, a man named "Henry Bridgeman," also promised the ship to the governor as a gift once his crew unloaded the cargo. "Having cleaned our ship we came away for the West Indies designing for New Providence where arriving within six Leagues we sent a letter to Coll Trott the Governor, and three men, Hollingsworth, Chinton and Adams by name, Capt Every read the Letter to us which was to this effect, That we were soldiers of fortune and had done no Christian Nation any damage and were the King’s subjects and to know whether he would entertain us, we sent a present of £500 with the letter. Adams came back in the Governor’s own sloop with some Gentlemen of the Island and brought us from the Governor a Cask of Wine, a hogshead of Beer and a Cask of sugar and told us we should be very welcome, whereupon  we weighted anchor for Providence, where coming we fired all our Guns and the Governor answered us Gun for Gun"
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