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Francis Spriggs
Mother: Born:Date unknown
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Francis or Farrington Spriggs. Pirate. Along with George Lowther and Edward Low, Spriggs was primarily active in the Bay of Honduras during the early 1720s.

Captain of the Fancy.


Date unknown
Francis Spriggs was born Unreferenced
Low captured two New York ships 57
Low's crew captured two trading vessels from New York as they were within sight of their destination, the island of Curacao. One of them was a snow called Unity.
1723-03-01 ca.
Low met the Mermaid 57
The pirates were about 9 degrees north latitude, somewhere between Cartegna, Columbia and the norhtenmost tip of the coasline of Panama when they spotted two ships, one was the Mermaid.
Date unknown
Francis Spriggs died Unreferenced
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