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George Lowther
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Active in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, one of Lowther's lieutenants included Edward Low.


Date unknown
George Lowther was born Unreferenced
1721-12-15 ca.
Grand Cayman
Low and Lowther were at Cayman Islands 78
Edward Low and George Lowther join forces as pirate crew near Cayman Islands
1721-12-20 ca.
Grand Cayman
Low came to the Cayman islands 57
At the Cayman Islands Edward Low met George Lowther.
Bay of Honduras
Low and Lowther took a sloop 134
"on the tenth of March last he was in the bay of Hondoras on board of a sloop Jeremiah Clark master Low and Lowder's companies being pirates took the aforesaid sloop..."
Date unknown
George Lowther died Unreferenced
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