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Israel Hands
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Pirate, also known as Basilica Hands. He is best known for being second in command to Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. Hands' first historical mention was in 1718, when Blackbeard gave him command of David Herriot's ship Adventure after Herriot was captured by Teach in March 1718.


Date unknown
Israel Hands was born Unreferenced
1718-04-01 ca.
Turneffe Atoll
Blackbeard took the Adventure 1
At Turniff, ten leagues short of the Bay of Honduras, the pirates took in fresh water; and while they were at an anchor there, they saw a sloop coming in, whereupon, Richards in the sloop called the Revenge, slipped his cable, and run out to meet her; who upon seeing the black flag hoisted, struck his sail and came to, under the stern of Teach the Commadore. She was called the Adventure, from Jamaica, David Harriot master. They took him and his men aboard the great ship, and sent a number of other hands with Israel Hands, master of Teach’s Ship, to man the sloop for the pyratical account.
Turneffe Atoll
Blackbeard left Turniff 1
The 9th of April, they weighed from Turniff, having lain there about a week.
Bay of Honduras
Blackbeard took the Protestant Cæsar 1
Blackbeard sailed to the Bay of Honduras where they found a ship and four sloops, three of the latter belonged to Jonathan Bernard, of Jamaica, and the other to captain James; the ship was of Boston, called the Protestant Cæsar, captain Wyar Commander. Teach hoisted his black colours, and fired a gun, upon which captain Wyar and all his men, left their ship, and got ashore in their boat. Teach’s quarter-master, and eight of his crew, took possession of Wyar’s ship, and Richards secured all the sloops, one of which they burnt out of spight to the owner; the Protestant Cæsar they also burnt, after they had plundered her, because she belonged to Boston, where some men had been hanged for pyracy; and the three sloops belonging to Bernard they let go. 
Topsail inlet
Blackbeard grounded at Topsail inlet 1 42 43
From the bar of Charles-Town, they sailed to North-Carolina; Captain Teach in the ship, which they called the man of war, captain Richards and captain Hands in the sloops, which they termed privateers, and another sloop serving them as a tender. Running into Topsail Inlet to clean, he grounded his ship, and then ordered Hands’s sloop to come to his assistance. The sloop ran on Shore near the other, and so were both lost. Teach goes into the tender sloop, with forty hands, and leaves the Revenge there; then takes seventeen others and marroons them upon a small sandy island, about a league from the main. They were later taken off by major Bonnet two days after.
Date unknown
Israel Hands died Unreferenced
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