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William Oliver
Mother: Born:1709-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:Date unknown

Pressed by Gow's crew into the service of the pirates as cabin boy.


1709-07-01 ca.
William Oliver was born 96
The Delight was captured by Gow 96
The Delight was taken by Gow. It came from Newfoundland with salted fish for Cadiz. The provision, sails, cables, chains and anchors were taken. Captain Wise and four men wew set adrift in the boat. A fifteen year old boy, William Oliver, was pressed into the service of the pirates as cabin boy.
1724-12-20 ca.
Cape St. Vincent
The Bachelor was taken by Gow 96
Gow's crew took the american sloop Bachelor. It was laden with with timber. Gow pressed some of the men to join the crew. The prisoners of the Sarah was released and went aboard the Bachelor, with the exception of the cabin boy, William Oliver.
1725-04-01 ca.
The Greyhound came to Eday 96
The Greyhound took aboard the priate prisoners.
1725-05-01 ca.
The Greyhound came to London 96
The Greyhound brought Gow's pirate crew to London.
Date unknown
William Oliver died Unreferenced
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