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Charles Harris
Mother: Born:1698-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1723-07-19

Joining the Barbary corsairs, Harris converted to Islam, before being captured and later hanged.


1698-07-01 ca.
Charles Harris was born 1
Harris was 25 years old in 1723.
Cape San Antonio
Low took the ship Amsterdam Merchant 61 134
The sloops Fortune and Ranger chased the Amsterdam Merchant. The Ranger, commanded by Low, hoisted a blue flag and orderd Welland to come aboard. The pirates took three barrels of beef of the value of seven pounds, some quantities of gold and silver of the value of one hundred and fifty pounds, one negro man slave named Dick of the value of fifty pounds. They also cut off Welland's right ear before sinking the ship, of the value of one thousand pounds.
Low took three ships 1
1723-06-15 ca.
Rhode Island
The Greyhound came to Rhode Island 1
Trial of pirates 1
"The Greyhound carried in their Prize to Rhode Island, to the great Joy of the whole Province, tho’ it had been more compleat, if the great LOW himself had grac’d the Triumph. The Prisoners were strongly secured in a Goal, till a Court of Vice-Admiralty could be held for their Tryals, which begun on the 10th of July, at Newport, and continued three Days."
Charles Harris died 1
Found guilty of piracy, and executed the 19th of July, 1723, near Newport in Rhode-Island.
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