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John Gaudy
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Lieutenant on HM Sloop Swift under captain Thomas Durell.


Date unknown
John Gaudy was born Unreferenced
1715-07-01 ca.
Gaudy served as midshipsman on the Worcester 91
Port Royal
The Swift was at Port Royal 85
Guaudy writes that the pirates at Providence have made a resolution to attack the Adventure. They are in great number & very mischievous, especially two sloops, one of 136 men. The other 125 being consorts, wearing for banners black flags with deathhead in them.
1716-06-15 ca.
Gaudy was appointed lieutenant 91
Gaudy was appointed a lieutenant on HM Sloop Swift under captain Thomas Durell in June 1716 and ordered to Newfoundland to carry out a cartographic survey.
1716-06-20 ca.
The Swift left London 91
1716-08-10 ca.
Cape Broyle
The Swift reached Cape Broyle 91
The Swift came to Placentia 91
Date unknown
John Gaudy died Unreferenced
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