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Christopher Condent
Mother: Born:1695-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:Date unknown

English pirate also known as Thomas Congdom, Congdon, Condon, William “Billy one-hand“, Edward Congdon, Edward Condent. Condent manged to get amnesty from the authorities on Bourbon and retired to France, becoming a wealthy merchant. It is suggested that some sources mix up Condent with Levasseur.


1695-07-01 ca.
Christopher Condent was born WP
1719-01-01 ca.
New Providence
Condent commanded two ships of 36 guns 77
Rogers noted that captain Congon (Condent) commanded two pirates of thirty-six guns each.
1719-06-15 ca.
Condent came to Madagascar 77
1720-08-27 ca.
Condent took a Surat ship 29
Condent took a Surat ship with 60 guns belonging to Aerbergasour which had left Mocha, “where there was so much gold and money, eight lacquers, or eight hundred thousand rupees”
1721-01-01 ca.
Nosy Boraha
Congdon sinks the Flying Dragon 30
Congdon sinks the Flying Dragon, as a part of the agreement for pardon, in the harbor of Saint-Marie.
Saint Denis, Reunion
Nossa Senhora do Cabo was taken by pirates 88
La Buse (Le Victorieux, 36 guns, 200 men) and Seagar (Fancy, 38 guns, 280 men) takes the Nossa Senhora do Cabo at Saint Denis, Bourbon.
Date unknown
Christopher Condent died Unreferenced
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