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Dirk Chivers
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Pirate active in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, Chivers later retired from piracy and returned to the Netherlands. Chivers was a mate onboard the Portsmouth Advanture, one of Every's consort vessels and later the captain of the Resolution. He had been a former seaman belonging to Hamburg.

Aka Richard Shivers, Dirk Shivers, Richard Sievers.


Date unknown
Dirk Chivers was born WP
1695-12-15 ca.
Rhode Island
The Portsmouth Adventure left Rhode Island 130
1696-04-15 ca.
Cape Town
The Portsmouth Adventure came to the Cape 130
1696-05-15 ca.
The Portsmouth Adventure was left at Mayotta 130
1696-06-01 ca.
Chivers embarked on the Resolution 130
1696-09-01 ca.
The Resolution took two morish ships in Red Sea 130
1696-10-01 ca.
The Resolution came to Madagascar 130
1696-11-01 ca.
The Resolution lost the masts 130
1696-12-01 ca.
Nosy Boraha
The Resolution came to St Marie 130
At St Marie many men died. They refitted the ship.
1698-09-15 ca.
The Great Mohammed was taken by pirates 130
1698-09-15 ca.
The Resolution took a Moors ship off Judah 130
Date unknown
Dirk Chivers died Unreferenced
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