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Benjamin Franks
Mother: Born:1650-07-15 ca.
Father: Died:Date unknown

A jeweller and part of the crew in captain Kidd's Adventure Galley.


1650-07-15 ca.
Benjamin Franks was born 74
New York
The Adventure Galley left New York 74
1696-10-15 ca.
The Adventure Galley came to Madeira 74
1696-11-15 ca.
Boa Vist
The Adventure Galley came to Bona Vista 74
1696-11-20 ca.
The Adventure Galley came to St Jago 74
1696-12-01 ca.
The Adventure Galley met with three men of war 74
from St. Jago wee steered our course for Cape Bona Esperanza, but before wee got to the latitude thereof wee met with three English men of war and a fireship, Captain Warren in the Windsor comodore, Captain Acton in the Advice, the Tyger and fire ship I do not know the commanders names.
Date unknown
Benjamin Franks died Unreferenced
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