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Adam Baldrige
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

English pirate and one of the early founders of the pirate settlements in Madagascar. He was a trader on St Marie.


Date unknown
Adam Baldrige was born Unreferenced
1690-01-01 ca.
Baldrige murdered a person in Jamaica 11
Baldrige murdered a person in Jamaica.
Nosy Boraha
The Fortune arrived at Saint Marie 74
1697-12-15 ca.
Saint Augustin Bay
Baldrige’s fort was destroyed 9
Baldrige’s fort of 22 guns was destroyed by black people. Baldrige himself was absent, but came back in his brigantine and managed to set some of the men in safety in St Augstine.
Nosy Boraha
Baldrige supplied the pirates at St Marie 9
Baldrige is reported to be the one who supplies the pirates at St Marie
1700-01-01 ca.
Baldrige married 9
Baldrige married the wife of another pirate called Buckmaster.
1710-01-01 ca.
Nosy Boraha
Baldrige was succeded as trader 31
Baldrige was a trader at St Marie, he was succeeded by Edward Welch.
Date unknown
Adam Baldrige died Unreferenced
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