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George Camocke
Mother:Arney Arney Born:1666-07-01 ca.
Father: Died:1732-07-01 ca.

George Camocke, sometimes spelt Cammock.

Jacobite naval officer and officer in the Spanish service.


1666-07-01 ca.
George Camocke was born 92
Gregg was convicted of sodomy 85 85
James Gregg was being found in his bed in an undecent posture with his boy, Joseph Cook. Gregg was dismissed from his employment, and determind unfit to be any more employed in her majesty’s service. Cook was convicted to receive fifteen stripes on his bare back with a catt o' nine tails at the side of each her majesty’s ships in this port.
1715-07-01 ca.
Camocke was dismissed from the British navy 15
Camocke was dismissed from the British navy and joined the Spanish service.
Stuart secretly left Rome 16
Stuart secretly left Rome with the help of Camocke.
1732-07-01 ca.
George Camocke died 92
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