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Thomas Cocklyn
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Thomas Cocklyn was a pirate during the Golden age of piracy. He is also refered to as Jeremiah Cocklyn and Jerry Lecoole.


Date unknown
Thomas Cocklyn was born WP
1717-07-01 ca.
The Bahamas
Cocklyn received the King George’s pardon 14
Cocklyn received the King George’s pardon in the Bahamas.
1719-02-15 ca.
Cape Verde
Cocklyn was forced to leave Moody’s crew 27
Cocklyn and 25 men were forced to leave Moody’s crew and got the ship The Rising Sun.
1719-04-01 ca.
Tagrin Bay, Sierra Leone
Cocklyn attacked ships in Sierra Leone 27
Cocklyn attacked several ships in the Sierra Leone River
Tagrin Bay, Sierra Leone
Snelgrave was attacked by pirates 27
At the Sierra Leone River, Snelgrave met three pirate ships who had taken ten English ships.
Cape Lopez
Le Solide was captured by pirates 151
Date unknown
Thomas Cocklyn died Unreferenced
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