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Andrew Scott
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Captain of the King Sagamore, a ship of 22 guns.


Date unknown
Andrew Scott was born Unreferenced
1721-09-20 ca.
King Sagamore left London 67
The ship King Sagamore left London.
1721-09-25 ca.
King Sagamore came to Plymouth 67
The ship King Sagamore had to put in to Plymouth due to contrary winds. They had to wait two months for fair winds. During this time Lord Belhaven came in the Royal Anne galley.
1721-12-10 ca.
King Sagamore anchored at Tenerife 67
1722-03-20 ca.
King Sagamore came to Barbadoes 67
We arriv'd at the Island of Barbadoes, which was on the latter part of March, in the year 1722.
1722-09-15 ca.
Boa Vist
Low took the Sycamore Galley 134
1722-10-10 ca.
Boa Vist
Scott was taken by pirates 67
Scott's ship was taken by pirates and burned at Bona Vist.
Date unknown
Andrew Scott died Unreferenced
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