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Laurence de Graff
Mother: Born:Date unknown
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Date unknown
Laurence de Graff was born Unreferenced
Petit-Goâve, Haiti
Lussan left Petit Goave 58
Raveneau de Lussan, joins other buccaneers under Laurens de Graaf, sailing from Petit-Goâve. On the 22d, of November, in the Year 1684. we departed from Pettit-Guaves, on the Coast of St. Do?mingo, to the number of 120 Men on Board a Prize taken some time before by Captain Laurence de Graff, from the Spaniards, which they sent as an Advice-boat from Carthagena on the Terra Firma of America, to Spain.
Date unknown
Laurence de Graff died Unreferenced
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