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Thomas Davis
Mother: Born:1695-01-01 ca.
Father:William Davis Died:Date unknown

Carpenter on the St Michael.


1695-01-01 ca.
Thomas Davis was born 44 143
1716-09-15 ca.
The ship St Michael left Bristol 143
The ship St Michael was taken by pirates 44 74 74
About nine leagues to the leeward of the island of Blanco, the ship St. Michael was taken. James Williams master, of Bristol, bound for Jamaica with provisions. Thomas Davis, the carpenter, was forced to join the pirates. " Decemb. fol­lowing the said Ship was taken by two Pirate Sloops, one commanded by Capt. Sam Bellamy, & the other by Loues Lebous, about Twenty Leagues off Sabria..." "...and on or about the sixteenth day of December following We met two Pyrate Sloops, One Commanded by Capt Samuel Bellame, and the other by Monsr. Louis Le Bou[s], who took the said ship about twenty Leagues off of Sabia and Carried us to the Island of Blanco..."  
Bellamy Cay
Bellamy came to Blanco 74
Date unknown
Thomas Davis died Unreferenced
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