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Francois Ernaut
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French lieutenant of La Concorde (later taken by Blackbeard and renamed Queen Annes Revenge)


Date unknown
Francois Ernaut was born Unreferenced
La Concorde left Nantes 42
The 200-ton ship was armed with sixteen cannon and had a crew of seventy-five.
Ouidah, Benin
La Concorde arrived at Whydah 42
There they took on a cargo of 516 captive Africans. The captain and officers also obtained about twenty pounds of gold dust for their own account.
1717-09-20 ca.
100 miles west off Martinique
Blackbeard and Hornigold took La Concorde 1 42
Blackbeard and Hornigold in the latitude of 24, they made prize of a large French Guiney Man, bound to Martinico, which by Hornigold’s consent, Teach went aboard of as captain and named her the Queen Ann’s Revenge. 100 miles from Martinique, the French ship encountered Blackbeard and his company. According to Lieutenant Ernaut, the pirates were aboard two sloops, one with 120 men and twelve cannon, and the other with thirty men and eight cannon.
1717-10-01 ca.
The pirates took La Concorde to Bequia 42
The pirates took La Concorde to the island of Bequia in the Grenadines where the French crew and the enslaved Africans were put ashore.
1717-10-01 ca.
Blackbeard gave Dosset a sloop 42
Blackbeard and his crew decided to keep La Concorde and left the French the smaller of the two pirate sloops. The French gave their new and much smaller vessel the appropriate name Mauvaise Rencontre (Bad Encounter).
1717-11-20 ca.
Mauvaise Rencontre arrived at Martinique 42
Mauvaise Rencontre succeeded in two trips to transport the remaining Africans from Bequia to Martinique
Date unknown
Francois Ernaut died Unreferenced
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