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Charles Eden
Mother: Born:Date unknown
Father: Died:Date unknown

Governor of North-Carolina.


Date unknown
Charles Eden was born Unreferenced
1718-06-15 ca.
Blackbeard recieves pardon 1
Teach goes up to the governor Charles Eden, of North-Carolina, with about twenty of his men, surrender to his Majesty’s proclamation, and receive certificates thereof.
1718-07-01 ca.
Blackbeard came back to North Carolina 1
When Teach and his prize arrived, he and four of his crew went to his Excellency, and made affidavit, that they found the French ship at sea, without a soul on board her; and then a court was called, and the ship condemned: the governor had sixty hogsheads of sugar for his dividend, and one Mr. Knight, who was his secretary, and collector for the Province, twenty, and the rest was shared among the other pyrates.
Date unknown
Charles Eden died Unreferenced
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