Constructed:Date unknown

A British ship used in India around 1720. Also refered to as The floating castle.


Date unknown
Phram was constructed Unreferenced
Fort Geriha
The British tried to land in Geriah 34
A landing force was organised the 29th but ended in fiasco when one of the Phram’s guns exploded killing the five sepoys manning her.
Fort Deoghur
Brown came to Deoghur 18
Phram was destructed 18
The Phram was burnt, not to get into the hands of the pirates.
Brown's squadron accidently ran into the priates 18
On both sides there was no willingness to fight. The pirates were at first seized with consternation at discovering their mistake; they had turned their prizes adrift after throwing their sails overboard, and, with only three hundred men for their joint crews, forty of them negroes, were not strong enough to engage the Bombay squadron. But England was a man who preferred fighting to running, so putting a bold face on the matter, the Cassandra ran through the fleet, firing into the Victory, the Chandos, and the Phram. The Chandos, which was towing the Phram, at once cast it loose.
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