Constructed:Date unknown
Destructed:Date unknown

Square-rigged three-masted galley, 110 feet, 300 tuns burthen. Slave ship and later a pirate, then commanded by Sam Bellamy.

Also refferd to as WhidoWhiddo, Wedaw.


Date unknown
Whydah was constructed Unreferenced
Cape Cod
The sloop Fisher met the Wedaw 74
The Mary Anne was taken by the Whydah 74 74
"... they sailed from Nantasket harbour bound for New York, and on the twenty sixth day of the said month, being friday, in the morning about nine of the clock, they discovered a large Ship, and her Prize, which was a Snow..."  
Whydah wreck site, Cape Cod
The Whydah ran ashoar 74 74
"...we run ashoar opposite to Sluts bush at the back of Stage harbour to the southward of Cape Codd..."
Whydah wreck site, Cape Cod
Samuel Bellamy died WP
Samuel Bellamy was killed when the ship Whydah sank in a storm off Cape Cod.
Whydah wreck site, Cape Cod
The Whydah was plundered 74
"...Fryday 26 April, at 12 night, Pirate Ship Came a shoare. Saturday 27 Instant, at 5 morning, Came the English man that was Saved out of Pirate Ship, Came to the house of Samuell harding, Two miles from the Rack. After a smalle time the saide harding took the English man on his Horse and Carred him to the Rack. thes Two made Serverall Turnes from the Rack to harding house, so they most Gett much Riches. by 10 Clock the same morning their Gott to the Rack a bout 10 men more, and Gott a Great Dell of Riches. Sunday morning, Joseph Doane, Esqr., gott to the Rack but all was Gon of Vallue."
Date unknown
Whydah was destructed Unreferenced
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