Blackbeard took the Protestant Cæsar
1718-04-09 - Bay of Honduras

Blackbeard sailed to the Bay of Honduras where they found a ship and four sloops, three of the latter belonged to Jonathan Bernard, of Jamaica, and the other to captain James; the ship was of Boston, called the Protestant Cæsar, captain Wyar Commander. Teach hoisted his black colours, and fired a gun, upon which captain Wyar and all his men, left their ship, and got ashore in their boat. Teach’s quarter-master, and eight of his crew, took possession of Wyar’s ship, and Richards secured all the sloops, one of which they burnt out of spight to the owner; the Protestant Cæsar they also burnt, after they had plundered her, because she belonged to Boston, where some men had been hanged for pyracy; and the three sloops belonging to Bernard they let go. 

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