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Most viewed persons Edward Blackbeard Teach
Edward England
Samuel Bellamy
Oliver Levasseur
Edward Low
Stede Bonnet
William Kidd
Benjamin Hornigold
Karl XII
Thomas Cocklyn
Most viewed events Queen Anne's Revenge was constructed
Peter the Great was born
The Royal James was destructed
Blackbeard and Hornigold took La Concorde
Blackbeard grounded at Topsail inlet
The Royal Rover came to Anomabu
Amity was taken by the pirate La Buse
The Diamond was captured
Watt met Gow in Stromness
The Adventure Galley came to St Jago
Most viewed items The Adventure Galley
Duchess de Noailles
Queen Anne's Revenge
The Great Allen
The Revenge
H.M.S Swallow
Duc d'Anjo

Recently added persons Georg Heinrich von Görtz
Charles Zaccarie Thierial de Poily
Magon de la Metrie
(girl) L'Estang
Etienne Olivier Nageon de L'Estang
Mathurine Louise Pitel
Mathurine Metayer
André Nageon de L'Estang
Helle Lavigne
Edouard Hais
Recently added events Görtz left Paris
Görtz came to The Hague
L'Amphitrite came to Reunion
Estang disemarbqued L'Amphitrite
L'Estang changde ships to Duc d'Anjo
L'Apollon anchored at Robben Island
Anglesey surrenderd to L'Apollon
L'Apollon came to St Helena
L'Apollon came to Mahé
L'Apollon came to Reunion
Recently added items Duc d'Anjo
Le Preni
Le Victorieux
Duchess de Noailles
Oxford (1656)

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